Day 1 on the PCT. A lot of firsts.

First time witnessing a hiker strip naked to pose at the southern terminus. I’m thinking trail name should be “Cheeky.”

First time meeting a hiker stopped on trail for a coffee and cigarette break. Might want rethink that at altitude.

First mile. Only 2649 left. (No, that’s not me in the photo.)

First time to set up the tarp for ground sleeping, then deciding it would be much better to push on to Hauser Creek for a hammock site. Setup and tear down in 30 minutes. I’m gonna have to get faster.

If that’s just day 1, whoa. What else is in store?

4 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Praying for you and hoping the dark clouds I saw in the east this afternoon aren’t headed into the back country!!
    Keep the faith!


  2. John: saw a pix in Starbucks today that reminded me of your “trip”. Wish I could send it to you. Maybe later!! Anyway it inspired me……….and “I decided to stop calling the bathroom the JOHN and renamed it the JIM………..I feel so much better saying I went to the JIM this morning”……….actually I went to the JIM this afternoon to TOAST your trip. Blessings, dave


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