Time to Redirect

I recently posted an article titled, “Retooling,” describing the necessity of adapting my sleep/shelter system from hammock and tarp to tent. I learned quickly the desert will no doubt help you decide how you want to spend your nights. It meant coming home, purchasing a tent, and offloading gear to be swapped out after reaching Kennedy Meadows (South).

While at home, I scheduled an appointment with my personal physician just to make sure all was good physically. A little body tune-up check to make sure all cylinders were firing and nothing would cause me to slow down. And hey, it’s good to know about potential problems ahead of time rather than in the middle of desert scrub 20 miles from the nearest dirt track or road.

Something came up that is changing my plan. Time to redirect.

It’s not a big deal, but in order to take care of a minor medical issue, I’ll have to remain off trail until roughly end of June.

I have plenty of options and they’re all pretty flexible. Just a few:

  • I could jump back on trail at the point where I expected to be end of June, hike to Canada, and return to complete what was jumped.
  • I could jump back on trail anywhere I want, and return next year to finish what was left out.
  • I could start at Canada, hike “SOBO” (southbound) and attempt to finish up where I left off.

You get the idea.

Was this foreseen? Nope. Does it throw a dream out the window? Nope.

Just because dream plans change or need to be modified doesn’t mean your goal is stolen. The goal is firm—the entire PCT. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s straight through or not. Sure, a few hard core thru-hike purists may look down on my thinking, but so what. It’s my hike. I’ll complete it, and I’ll walk every mile of trail I possibly can when I can.

In the meantime, I’m working on putting together some posts about specific gear and gear selection. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Time to Redirect

  1. Continuung to pray for you no matter where you are. Glad you made the wise choice to “listen” to your body .

    Will be praying for a quick return to the TRAIL as soon as you are able and God directs.

    We need to do breakfast or coffee!?!? Dave


  2. Sorry you had to change your plans although you seem to be taking it in stride so to speak. That being said, I hope you are ok and will be ok to go back soon. Take care.


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