Trails and Trails

Alrighty boys and girls, today we have a short video to show the variety of trail types that can be experienced in just one day on the PCT.

And hey, this is not Ken Burns. Go easy on me. It’s a first attempt combining GoPro clips, and using their built-in editors on my phone. A little fun while I’m waiting for a shipment of colder weather gear, and watching very high winds and snow approaching… again.

6 thoughts on “Trails and Trails

  1. Cold weather gear????? Boo!!!

    Could not access video clip, but what else is new. No problem . Just remain safe. Been thinking about you as I have just finished Dallas Willard’s book on SPIRIT OF THE DISCIPLINES. HE TALKS ABOUT 2 TYPES OF DISCIPLINE: Engagement and Abstinence. You definitely must be experiencing some of the latter: includes silence and solitude.

    Even thru those disciplines we Christian’s can experience growth in our journey with God. Have a great day. Dave


  2. The video came out good. The terrain suitable for one foot in front of the other for the guy that isn’t walking.🙂🙂.


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